Professor of Science Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204-5027



Ph. D.

Science Education



M. S.

General Science



B. S.





Research, Teaching, and Curriculum Development in Science Education.



Teaching Science in the Elementary School, Teaching Science in the Secondary School; Teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics-Based Science; Individualizing Science Instruction; and Trends and Issues in Science Teaching. (1972 - present).



Eighth and ninth grade general science, 10th grade biology, and 11th grade chemistry. Lakewood, NY. (1964 - 1967).



Improve science achievement and interest through curriculum balance and effective instruction. - Analyze science textbooks for a balance of themes of scientific literacy.



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· "Chemicals and the Environment: Science Teachers Institute - A two- week program held each July. Funded by the Texas Chemical Council (1990-present).

· “Integrating Physical and Chemistry with Everyday Life” - A one-year project for 20 physical science teachers. Funded by Eisenhower Grants. 1999-2000.

· "Investigations for Sixth-Grade Science" - A project funded by NSF to assess the effectiveness of inquiry-based, sixth-grade science materials. 1991-1994.

· "Improving Physical Science" - A project funded by NSF to develop a physical science resource manual to supplement physical science course instruction. 1985-1988.

· "The Petroleum Institute for Educators" - A three-week institute held each summer. Funded by the Texas Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association. 1982-1991.

· "Teaching Physical Science" - A course funded  by Houston Lighting and Power Co. 1985-1990.

· "Energy, Technology, and Society" - An institute funded by Houston Lighting and Power Co. 1982-1985.



· Amer. Chemical Council

· Amer. Educational Research Association

· Nat'l Assoc. for Research in Science Teaching

· Assoc. for the Education of Teachers in Science

· Nat'l Association for Biology Teachers

· Assoc. for Supervision and Curriculum Dev.

· Nat'l Science Education Leadership Assoc.

· Metro. Association for Teachers of Science

· Nat'l Science Teachers Association

· School Science and Math Association

· Nat'l Wildlife Federation

· Science Teachers Association of Texas